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12 January, 2015

Shopping List:

500g white fish
4 egg whites
400ml cream
8 scallops
4 nori sheets
1/4 cup each of flat parsley leaves, 2cm chive batons
and dill fronds
2 spring onions, sliced finely on a diagonal
Lemon oil 
Salt and pepper


•Pre-heat your oven to 160 °C and boil a full jug of water for a Bain Marie.
• Place the fish into a food processor with the egg whites, season with 1 1/2 tsp salt
and blend to a fine paste.
• Force the fish paste through a fine sieve to remove any lumpy or sinewy bits and
return it to the processor bowl.
• Place the cream, fish paste and food processor bowl into the freezer to make
them as cold as possible without freezing (about 10 minutes).
• Lay out flat, two layers thick, a sheet of cling film large enough to line your
terrine mould (you can use a small loaf tin instead in a pinch). Coat the cling film
lightly in oil and lay it, oil side down, into the loaf tin. Press your fingers into the
corners and smooth out any creases.
• Line the bottom and long sides of the terrine with Nori, making folds so the Nori
fits snuggly into the corners and leaving enough over hang to cover the top.
• Blend the chilled cream into the fish paste in a steady thick steam on a high
speed, stopping the processor as soon as the cream is incorporated. Caution –
over mixing or letting the mixture warm up can cause it to split. Do not leave the
processor running for any longer than necessary.
• Roughly chop the scallops, fold them gently through the fish mousse and pour
the mixture into the lined terrine. Fold the overhanging Nori over the top of the
mousse and cover with the over hanging cling fi lm. Cover the terrine with foil
or a tight fitting lid, place in a Bain Marie and cook for 15 – 20 mins or until the
mousse is cooked through and firm to the touch. Remove from the Bain Marie
and leave to cool and refridgerate.
• Combine the herbs and spring onions. Serve thick slices of the terrine topped
with the herb salad and drizzle with lemon oil.

To Serve:

This dish can serve six people.

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