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10 June, 2014

The SIM562B 60cm slide control induction cooktop introduces a whole new level of flexibility to the kitchen

Instead of the clearly defined cooking rings of a traditional hob, the SIM562B has large open zones that can adapt to pans of varying sizes in order to heat food with maximum efficiency.

Each 400mm x 230mm MultiZone automatically detects the size and position of the pot being used. This means the optimal temperature is achieved at a faster rate and with minimal energy wasted, resulting in eco-friendly cooking.

What really makes the SIM562B a joy to use is the new slide touch control technology which enables you to manage the temperature of each zone with ease. Using the touch control system you can slide between nine settings, each of which can be steadied for consistent heat flow throughout the cooking process. Safety is not compromised, as a child safety lock ensures the hob is secure when not in use. And because it is an induction cooktop, the hot surface is much less likely to cause a burn if touched.

The SIM562B features Suprema black ceramic glass, giving the unit a seamless and contemporary look. Whether on a perimeter work surface or as a statement in the centre of a kitchen island, it brings a whole new element of style and functionality to any cooking area.

Click here for more detail on the SIM562B

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