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4 October, 2013

It’s the wonders of steam cooking that will make the Smeg Combination Steam oven such a valuable addition to your kitchen. The result is food that retains its flavour, keeps its original form, and is healthier to eat – a succulent, delicious taste your family will love.

An oven that strikes the perfect balance between energy efficiency, cost effectiveness and form is a key component of your kitchen renovation. Most of us want an oven that’s easy to cook with, simple to clean and looks good, so choosing between a standard or a steam oven is an important decision.
The Smeg Combination Steam Oven could be the answer. Used for steaming, roasting, grilling plus more, its benefits include versatility, tastier and healthier cooking, faster cooking time and energy-efficient and safer cooking. It works through a higher temperature, moister cooking environment, using the fan-forced element. Unlike a standard oven that creates a dry cooking environment, steam is more forgiving, so food won’t spoil as easily – perfect for the home cook. 

This series is also fitted with a grill element that can be used in conjunction with the fan-forced function. This allows meat to be seared before cooking begins, resulting in a seamless cooking process with no other appliances needed. As a result, cooking hassles and cleaning are greatly reduced, leaving you with a calmer, cleaner kitchen.
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