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21 July, 2016

Discover the Planetarium wash system

Once in a while, a technological leap takes an appliance to a game-changing level of efficiency and reliability. The Planetarium spray system on Smeg’s new dishwashers is a perfect example. A fresh, square look, reconfigured, roomier interiors, and a new soft-close locking door are just a few of the stand-apart features on Smeg’s next-generation dishwashers. However, the most important advance lies at the heart of your dishwasher’s role – it delivers complete coverage of your dirty dishes.

The Planetary Wash System is an evolution of Smeg’s Orbital wash arms, delivering an even more efficient action with water sprayed evenly in a 360° sweep. There are more moving arms, too, covering every part of the dishwasher. This makes the Planetarium system 60% more efficient than its already finely tuned predecessor.

Besides improved performance, the advanced dishwashers are next-generation in terms of their aesthetics, too. The smooth, flat design, a new handle and removable lid create a professional look and allow for seamless, slot-in installation. Smeg dishwashers equipped with the new Planetarium system will be available in NZ from September 2016.

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