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Back To the 50s

24 September, 2015

Smeg Small Appliances now available online in New Zealand

They’re the darlings of the SMEG range, with styling so recognisable and guaranteed to bring a smile, that the SMEG 50’s Retro Style line have now earned their own unique website as well.

From early December, www.smeg50style.co.nz will be the place to see the full collection of SMEG 50’s home appliances, with their lively tones and retro design – and special launch pricing to boot.

Included on the site will be the highly anticipated collection of SMEG Small Domestic Appliances, which were launched at the Auckland Homeshow, receiving huge interest and many pre-orders taken, with the first stock to arrive just in time  for Christmas. 

The 50’s Retro Style family, from the iconic FAB28 refrigerator through to the latest generation of SMEG Small Domestic Appliances, is a modern interpretation of traditional appliances which offer a touch of typical SMEG: passion for innovation and for appliances as objects to be shown-off.

Created by the SMEG internal design studio, the 50’s Retro Style family of refrigerators and dishwashers changed the way people view domestic appliances, forcing the industrial look to disappear, making room for true style icons.

From the robust 484 litre Fab 50 fridge / freezer, down to the tiny, but perfect 42 litre Fab 5 fridge, the entire line imbues strong personality, old fashioned sinuous lines and bright colors combined with the latest technology - fusing technology and aesthetics that evoke the unmistakable shapes and atmosphere of the 1950’s.

And now The SMEG Small Domestic Appliances line has been developed  to create even more beauty in the kitchen, with tools that ensure excellent performance in all stages of food preparation, with powerful personalities to match, including Electric Kettles, Toasters, Stand Mixers and Blenders.

So now, New Zealanders will be able to style their entire kitchen, with the colors, technology and iconic design of SMEG.

Look out for the entire 50’s Retro Style family online from mid December at www.smeg50style.co.nz.

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