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Cranberry stuffed lamb racks

18 September, 2015

Recipe by Kitchen Things Cooking Technology Tutor Chef Lauren Bavin


Stuffing ( For approximately 4 full racks)

150gm bag dried cranberries

70gm bag of cashew nuts

2 T Moroccan spice

2 tspn fennel seeds

2-4 T pomegranate molasses

 Trimmed and Frenched Lamb Racks

Moroccan Spice

Olive Oil

 Blitz all ingredients in food processor to a rough paste. Add more Pomegranate Molasses until it forms a ball.


Preheat oven with roasting dish inside 200 C on Fan Grill.  Place the roasting dish  or oven tray  so the bottom is approximately half way down the oven .

Create a tunnel in the meat of the rack by poking a knife in each  and using your fingers to create the tunnel.

(It is much easier to do this if you cut the rack in half with approximately 4 cutlets per half.


Stuff the tunnel with the seasoning .


Rub the meaty area of the rack with olive oil and sprinkle with more Moroccan Seasoning and rub into the meat.


Place racks meat side up in hot oven tray and cook for approximately 16- 18 minutes for Medium Rare. 19- 20 minutes for medium to well done.


Rest racks and slice into cutlets for serving.

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