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    An electronic infrared sensor measures the clarity of the water during an Auto programme, and automatically ensures the minimum consumption of water and energy during the load. Models with Aquatest will have at least one Auto programme.


    The length of an Auto programme depends on the need for a pre-wash and the number of rinses required, as monitored by the Aquatest, which automatically selects the programme most suitable for the degree of food debris found on the dishes.

  • Bakers Function (fan only + floor element) Bakers Function

    Sensational for dishes with a pastry base. Produce wonderfully crisped pies, tarts and quiches, every time.

  • Base Heat (concealed floor element only) Base Heat

    Choose Base Heat for crisp pastry or any dish needing a higher base temperature. Base Heat will also keep a full oven hot without overcooking. Snowy white crisp Pavlova is easily achieved with this function.

  • Circulaire with microwave Circulaire with microwave

    Circulaire with Microwave.

  • Circulaire with upper and lower elements Circulaire with upper and lower elements

    The use of the fan with both elements allows food to be cooked quickly and effectively on a number of shelves. Ideal for roasts and large joints that require thorough cooking. There is no transference of smells or flavours when using this function. This function offers a similar result to rotisserie, it moves the heat around the food, instead of moving the food itself, enabling any size or shape to be cooked, and not only items that will fit onto a rotisserie.

  • Convection (perimeter roof element+ floor element) Convection

    A gentle heat for long slow cooking of fruit cakes, casseroles & slow roasts. Single level cook using the middle zone of the oven to achieve perfect results.

  • Defrost Defrost

    Both symbols refer to the same function. The circulation of air at room temperature enables quicker thawing of frozen food, (without the use of any heat). Ideal for use prior to cooking of ready-made dishes, or cream filled products etc.

  • Defrost (fan only) Defrost

    Defrost your frozen food without changing the appearance or character of the food with this fan assisted function. Choose length of defrost time by selecting a weight or a time.

  • Defrost function Defrost function

    Manual function. The temperature is always very low (40°C) to defrost food without cooking it. Adjustable defrost duration depending on user’s wish.


    A delay timer can postpone the start of the programme by up to 24 hours, for convenience and also to take advantage of off-peak energy periods

  • ECO (fan + perimeter roof element) ECO

    Using the grill and lower heating element in combination is particularly suitable for cooking on a single shelf only, as it provides low energy consumption.

  • Eco Pyrolytic (fan+circular rear element+perimeter roof element+floor element) Eco Pyrolytic

    This 90 minute, preset function sends the oven interior up to 500°C, carbonising food residue to a fine ash. It is a great choice for cleaning a slightly soiled oven. The door automatically locks for safety.


    At the end of the drying cycle a special device slowly automatically opens the door a few centimeters which ensures perfect drying and can save up to 20% of energy on some models.

  • Fan Fan

    The circular heating element can be operated with the fan, using the thermostat.

  • Fan assisted Fan assisted

    Fan assisted

  • Fan Assisted (fan+perimeter roof element+floor element) Fan Assisted

    Excellent general cooking function for roasts, cakes and desserts. Provides very even cooking throughout the middle zones of the oven. The highest and lowest levels will provide additional top or bottom browning and crisping.

  • Fan Forced (fan + circular rear element) Fan Forced

    This versatile function is ideal for baking and roasting large quantities of food. It allows you to use every shelf position, including the oven floor, because the heat source is from the back of the oven.

  • Fan Grill (fan+perimeter roof element+inner roof element) Fan Grill

    High power full width grilling producing succulent grilled meat, chicken or fish, while at the same time baking vegetables & dessert below. Also great for chips. With this function both top elements are being used. The oven door must be closed while grilling.

  • Fan with upper and lower elements Fan with upper and lower elements

    The elements combined with the fan aim to provide more uniform heat. This is a similar method to conventional cooking, so pre-heat is required. This is not as effective as circulaire cooking but can also be used to cook biscuits and pastry.

  • Fan with upper element Fan with upper element

    The combination of the fan and top element provides more uniform heat penetration. Dishes are lightly browned on the outside and still moist on the inside. Ideal for au gratin dishes, finishing roasted vegetables.


    The st/steel material used on the exteriors of Smeg dishwashers has a finger-friendly finish to assist in maintaining the surfaces in a pristine condition.

  • Fish Cooking function Fish Cooking function

    Automatic function with 5 preset programs to cook different types of fish. Preset cooking duration can be modified.


    Regardless of the type of detergent used, the wash cycle adjusts to give the best possible results every time.

  • FlexiZone FlexiZone

    The new ½ load FlexiZone allows you to wash a reduced load saving energy, water and time and there are no restrictions on where the items are placed. Traditional half loads allow only one of the baskets to be used. Flexi-Zone can be found on most dishwashers, as either an option or a programme depending on the model.

  • Full Rotisserie (rotisserie+perimeter roof element+inner roof element) Full Rotisserie

    Works with the grill element to cook and brown food to perfection. A tray of vegetables beneath the rotisserie, basted by delicious juices from above, is a meal not to be missed. Oven door must be closed while cooking.

  • Grill element with microwave Grill element with microwave

    Grill element with Microwave.

  • Half Fan Grill (fan + inner roof element) Half Fan Grill

    Only the top centre element is used providing good coverage front to back to the centre of the grill tray. Use to cook smaller quantities of food. Oven door must be closed while grilling.

  • Half Rotisserie (rotisserie+inner roof element) Half Rotisserie

    For smaller quantities in the centre of the rotisserie, the Half Rotisserie delivers mouth-watering results. Oven door must be closed while cooking.

  • Half Static Grill (inner roof element) Half Static Grill

    All the benefits of static Grill but for small quantities of food. Place food front to back, down the centre of the tray. Oven door must be closed while grilling.


    When the HYCLEAN option (or Ultracleanse programme) is selected, the dishwasher performs a final 10 minute rinse at a high temperature of 70°C, eliminating virtually all bacteria to achieve the highest possible standards of cleanliness. The Hyclean option can be selected with almost all cycles at temperatures above 50°C.

  • Meat Cooking function Meat Cooking function

    Automatic function with 5 preset programs to cook different types of meat. Preset cooking duration can be modified.

  • Microwave & grill (microwave + grill) Microwave + grill element

    Combine traditional microwave functions with the convenience of a grill to achieve fast crisp cooking and heating.

  • Microwave (microwave only) Microwave

    Great for cooking, thawing and heating – quickly and easily – the microwave function can also be combined with conventional functions, if available.


    This system consists of a double spray arm, with contra-action rotation, which distributes water evenly throughout the cavity. The spray arm jets are perfectly shaped to direct the water with precision, ensuring an excellent wash quality and a greatly reduced noise level.

  • Pizza (concealed floor element only) Pizza

    Establishing a hot residual and even heat into the pizza stone directly from the concealed floor element ensures crispy evenly cooked bases and perfect toppings.

  • Proofing (both roof elements) Proofing

    Heat from the top of the oven cavity makes it easier to proof all types of dough and guarantees perfect results, quickly.

  • Pyrolytic Cleaning (fan+circular rear element+perimeter roof element+floor element) Pyrolytic Cleaning

    From ninety minutes to a maximum of three hours for heavily soiled oven, this function sends the oven interior up to 500°C, carbonising food residue to a fine ash. The door automatically locks for safety.


    The Quick Time option can be selected in conjunction with all programmes except the pre-wash in order to reduce the length of the wash cycle up to 55%. By using higher temperatures and an intense mechanical spray action, Quick Time is able to save valuable time.


    A new quick programme which takes just 27 minutes, suitable for a lightly soiled load.

  • Reheat/Sterilise (steam only) Reheat/Sterilise

    Gently reheat food retaining moisture, colour and flavour. Sterilise babies bottles & preserving jars etc.


    Since the 45cm dishwasher is rectangular rather than square in shape, the normal circular spray arm does not adequately cover the front and back of the cavity. The Shuttle system patented by Smeg overcomes this problem by shuttling the lower spray arm from front to back on a secondary supporting arm, ensuring optimum water distribution throughout to deliver excellent wash results while maintaining low consumption of water and energy.

  • Static Grill (perimeter roof element + inner roof element) Static Grill

    Radiant heat is directed straight onto the top of your food. Use this function for toast, cheese melts, focaccia etc. Turn to this function toward the end of cooking if the food requires additional top browning. Oven door must be closed while grilling.

  • Steam (steam only) Steam

    Whether you want to cook, re-heat, defrost or sterilise, the steam function is your gentle, healthy and regenerative alternative. A great alternative to a double oven when coupled with a convectional oven.


    This special programme takes less than 1 hour to eliminate the most stubborn dirt and dried on residues.

  • Super Fan Forced (fan+circular rear element+floor element) Super Fan Forced

    Excellent for quiche and custard tarts etc when you need base heat for browning and crisping of the pastry base while the filling is cooked in the gently circulating heat. Preheat your pizza stone and cook pizza on the floor of the oven.

  • Supercook (fan+perimeter roof element+floor element+circular rear element) Supercook

    Faster preheating. Perfect for roasting; after the meat is removed from the oven to rest, turn the temperature up to 220°C for the best roast potatoes.


    In addition to the partial Aquastop protection present in all Smeg dishwashers, some models have an electronic device fitted to the water intake hose, which monitors water levels in the machine, detects leaks in the hose and switches off the water supply immediately when necessary.

  • Upper and lower element only Upper and lower element only

    This method is known as "conventional" cooking, and is suitable for dishes that require a more gentle heat, such as baking. The oven needs to be pre-heated to the required temperature, and is best suited for single items, such as large cakes e.g. Christmas cake. Best results are obtained by placing food in the centre of the oven.

  • Vapour Clean (concealed floor element only) Vapour Clean

    Regularly add a little water to the oven cavity floor and spray some water and detergent over the oven cavity walls. Select Vapour Clean and allow the vapour to soften any residue for easy wipe-over.

  • Vegetable Cooking function Vegetable Cooking function

    Automatic function with 5 preset programs to cook different types of vegetable. Preset cooking duration can be modified.

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