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Orbital and Planetarium wash

The orbital wash system – three aerodynamic wash arms and a multi-directional ceiling rose – ensures the smallest amount of water is efficiently used to produce a clean wash result. Water is sprayed in six directions, giving a thorough and very hygienic wash to your entire load. The base arm rotates and its ‘satellite’ spins 10 times faster. The base arm and top arm operate alternatively — when one is spinning, the other pauses. 

The Planetarium wash system is an evolution of Smeg’s Orbital wash arms, delivering an even more efficient action with water sprayed evenly in a 360° sweep. There are more moving arms, too, covering every part of the dishwasher. Now for every revolution of the main arm, it turns clockwise with a planetary movement around one axis while at the same time the stem of the arm moves in the opposite direction, operating on a second axis. This makes the Planetarium system 60% more efficient than its already finely tuned predecessor.

The new wash system is also designed to be hassle free. A polycarbonate top lid covers the Planetarium mechanism, avoiding the chance of obstruction from food residual from the dishes.

Complex as the engineering is, the result for the homeowner is simple – sparkling dishes every time with not a spot missed.

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